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Balancing Act

I’m trying to figure out my life.

Aren’t we all? XD

As it stands, after the kids go to bed, I’m too exhausted to do anything other than veg out on K-dramas. During the day, of course, I have children all up in my face so I can’t focus on anything.

But I needs mah fiction writing.


Naturally I’m saying all of this in the context of, “I’d rather live this way than not.” Today we took the kids out for a walk in the rain, and as I watched them splash in the puddles, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it is to have so many wonderful people in my life. I was an outcast while growing up, and now I have SEVEN besties — I’m practically an extrovert, lol.

Everything is going to be completely different in six months anyway, and I’ll eventually get my grove back. It’s just that, at the moment, I need everything to be more balanced than it is.



Petals from Paradise Fibers

I decided to practice “spinning from the fold” with this one. Here, give me a second, and I’ll find a video tutorial for those who want to know what that means.

And here you go.

So, it took me forever to get this one spun up. I’m pretty heavily into “Five minutes here, five minutes there” territory, so it took at least a month — I can’t remember exactly when I started. Maybe even two or three months. I don’t know. Forever.

Flash, yo.
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Social Media

I found this to be an interesting video.

These days, creative sorts are essentially told that they cannot “succeed” without promoting themselves on social media. However, the crux is that the very nature of social media is toxic to creative minds, and is far more likely to kill artistic endeavors.

IE the comment section on that video.

I’m the sort that decided that my personal growth and expression through storytelling is more important than money or popularity. This blog is as close as I get to social media, and I personally don’t count it as such, because it’s mostly just me rambling at no one in particular. What can I say? I like the sound of crickets.

Not to mention, I’m rather limited on time, and I’d much rather spend it writing than on reading and replying to a boatload of comments. I’m introverted like that.

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I just straight up forgot to post anything yesterday, so I guess I’ve hit the limit of what my mind can do, lol.

Yesterday ended up being a bummer because I was expecting something good, and it didn’t happen. So, you know, vague references and all that.

Totally random thought:

My first daughter went through a phase where she absolutely hated it when anyone tried to touch her hair. It was a battle just to get her hair brushed, and any attempts I made to style it were immediately yanked out, so I decided to let her be. This happened to coincide when I tried to socialize, and a lot of the other moms treated me like I was totally ignorant and/or lazy for not putting styles and bows in my daughter’s hair.


These days daughter #4 loves having her hair styled. She makes requests like, “I want two braids and two pigtails!” And I get to exercise my creativity in figuring out how to do what she wants in a way that looks cute. Sometimes I feel like I could start a youtube channel on the topic. Ha ha.

It’s been years since I’ve seen those judgmental meanies, but I’m sure they’re all on antidepressants by now.

Just because someone doesn’t do something, doesn’t mean that they can’t.

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The word on the street is that there’s been a surge in the local raccoon population this year.

Indeed, it has been something of a routine to sit out on the porch in the evening and watch the raccoons boldly saunter up the driveway to help themselves to our backyard. Heck, I even asked my husband to accompany me outside one night to finish up a chore, because I was worried about raccoons.

In the neighborhood discussions on what to do about this problem, there’s always that person who says, “Why can’t we live in harmony with the widdle animals?”

Because they kill chickens and cats, ravage gardens, damage property, and carry horrible diseases like rabies.

That’s why.

So, the conversation goes something like:

“Just don’t leave cat food out, so they won’t visit your property.”

“They’re also attracted to fruit trees and gardens.”

“My neighbor had her entire flock of chickens killed by raccoons who then tore their way into the crawl space of her house to build their nest, and it stinks to high heaven.”

“But the widdle animals!”

People who don’t have any real-world experience don’t understand that Nature isn’t a benevolent entity that wants to wrap us in a loving embrace of peace and harmony. Life is not a Disney movie.

But hey, maybe by the time winter rolls around, a few minds will realize what a raccoon infestation actually means.

About Writing

Some random thoughts about Alice and the Warden

The 17-year age gap between Hackett and Alice.

It’s not something that I personally have a fetish for, nor is it reflective of my real life. Ultimately, I guess I just have more of an open mind about those sorts of things.

I actually did make a reasonable effort to minimize the age gap between the two of them.

Putting Hackett anywhere in his 20s was just too corny and contrived. He needed time to finish college, gain real world experience, and climb that corporate ladder. After I researched what sort of background is typically required to become a warden, I decided that 38 was about the youngest I could get away with before it started sounding silly.

As for Alice …

IRL, I grew up in the sort of place where a solid number of my classmates got married right out of high school. Despite how it’s portrayed on TV, we really did grow up much faster than our big city counterparts, and by the time we turned 18 we knew how to be responsible adults (I, myself, started babysitting at 12, and was quite comfortable with basic childcare before I even entered high school).

It was massive culture shock to go to San Diego and discover that my 20-something peers were living on take-out and protein powder because they didn’t know how to read a recipe. What the heck?

The idea of Alice being over 30 and that ignorant was frankly embarrassing. I refuse to write about someone who spent an entire decade doing absolutely nothing, when I know what new adults are actually capable of if given the chance .

She also needed to be young enough that she was still in her enthusiastic/energetic phase of life. That meant below 25.

Throw in an exploitative ex-boyfriend taking advantage of youthful naivete, and 21 ended up being my final number for Alice.

So there you go with the behind-the-scenes thought process.


Rigid heddle weaving #2

This one is made with pima cotton yarn. Washed and dried, but not ironed. 😀

As I was weaving it, I thought, “These colors would work great for sewing a stuffed animal!” But when I looked up patterns for toys, I realized that it might just be a little too 3D for my brain to wrap itself around …

So maybe I’ll just sew some hems and have hand towels for the kitchen.


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So … I haven’t been having the best time of it for the past few days. Between the toddler having a sour stomach, and someone else waking up early with a bloody nose (not to mention my bundle of joy that needs to nurse during the night), I’ve been feeling fairly … bleh.

I’m starting to fantasize about locking myself in my bedroom with a giant bag of candy. It would be so sinful. So devious. So fun. I can’t decide if I like Twix or Milky Way the best.

I tried to make a pot pie last night, only I couldn’t make the pie crust behave itself with rolling it out *so tired*. I ended up mashing it all to the bottom of the pan and baking it with tinfoil over the top instead. Ha ha. Tasted good anyway.

The kids have also decided that they love canned sardines. IDK.


I’ll be in my room if you need me.