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Our 15-year-old cat developed an abscess on his front leg. I’ve been putting a warm compress on it to keep it draining and so far it’s healing normally, but treating the injury is making me very aware of his age. I adopted this cat before I met my husband, so it’s sad to feel that his time with us is growing short. He just looks and feels so old now.

I’ve been getting bombarded with one thing after another. Things like the two-year-old sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night, then throwing up on my pillow … twice. Ha ha. So much fun (as far as I can tell, she’s got a really sensitive stomach). It’s been bad enough that I’ve been cruising on instant coffee, because I can’t keep up with my usual coffee routine. So tired.

But hey, it’s October. That means it’s time to pull out the fake spider web and decorate for Halloween, which is by far the best holiday ever, lol.

Can’t wait.

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Splatoon 3’s first official splatfest is happening this weekend. Truth be told, I’m not having much fun with it, so it will be a relief when it’s over.

The game was released less than a month ago, and they’re still working on fixing the bugs. To top it off, I’m pretty certain that there are cheaters running amok as well. (I’m not even going to mention the furries.) So, while I love the idea and look forward to future splatfests, I think the game needs a bit more time to mature.

The kids love watching me play, though. They say it’s hilarious. Ha ha.

Somehow, making all that peach jam feels like a huge disruption in retrospect. What was I doing before, and why can’t I remember it? Maybe it was food related — it is that time of the year.

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Peach Jam

I spent the last two days making A LOT of peach jam. Like … over 8 gallons of it.

It’s fun and delicious, but boy oh boy it sure wears a person out.

The kids were awesome helpers, and they all pitched in with peeling and pitting the peaches, even after it got tedious, and we treated ourselves with ice cream as our reward.

However, once it was time to start boiling water for canning and cooking the jam, I kicked all the kids out of the kitchen. I worry about accidents, and we had A LOT of peach jam to process. Like … over 8 gallons of it.


Anyway, I’m exhausted right now.

But we won’t have to buy jam for a long, long time.

About Writing

The Creative Thinker

One of my big pet peeves is when people assume that all creative sorts are Feelers.

This, of course, comes on the heels of everyone assuming that all women are Feelers, and the bullying that’s levied against those that don’t fit the stereotypes. Ugh. (And don’t get me started on the attitude that Thinkers are actually repressed Feelers)

I’m a Thinker, and a writer.

I don’t use writing as a means to emotionally bleed out on paper. I also don’t get so emotionally attached to my characters that I have to shield them from bad things or hard decisions. I’m very capable of writing whether I’m happy or depressed.

I enjoy watching the stories unfold and exploring “what if” scenarios. Heck, I enjoy the entertainment value as well, and frequently indulge in “brain candy”.

While my approach and underlying reasons are different from Feelers, I’m still very much a Creative.

Of course, another one of my pet peeves is when people assume that all creative sorts follow certain political ideologies. Oh, so you’re calling for me to rise up and speak out? Well … you aren’t going to like what I have to say. 😛

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I’ve been busy with mundane things, like getting a cavity filled at the dentist and going to a neighbor’s birthday party.

Ever since I let go of the expectation to have friends, socializing became a lot easier for me. Funny, really, but now I sit in the dentist chair and say whatever comes to mind, because I don’t feel any pressure to be likable. I can go to busy birthday parties and sit alone without feeling weird about it.

I never could get comfortable with scheduling play dates — they always felt so unnatural and forced.

I’m very much not everyone’s cup of tea. It took me a long time to realize that people were going to be offended by me no matter what, so I might as well own it.

Anyway, I still end up drained from interacting with people, so I’ve been recharging.

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Social Media

I found this to be an interesting video.

These days, creative sorts are essentially told that they cannot “succeed” without promoting themselves on social media. However, the crux is that the very nature of social media is toxic to creative minds, and is far more likely to kill artistic endeavors.

IE the comment section on that video.

I’m the sort that decided that my personal growth and expression through storytelling is more important than money or popularity. This blog is as close as I get to social media, and I personally don’t count it as such, because it’s mostly just me rambling at no one in particular. What can I say? I like the sound of crickets.

Not to mention, I’m rather limited on time, and I’d much rather spend it writing than on reading and replying to a boatload of comments. I’m introverted like that.

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So … I haven’t been having the best time of it for the past few days. Between the toddler having a sour stomach, and someone else waking up early with a bloody nose (not to mention my bundle of joy that needs to nurse during the night), I’ve been feeling fairly … bleh.

I’m starting to fantasize about locking myself in my bedroom with a giant bag of candy. It would be so sinful. So devious. So fun. I can’t decide if I like Twix or Milky Way the best.

I tried to make a pot pie last night, only I couldn’t make the pie crust behave itself with rolling it out *so tired*. I ended up mashing it all to the bottom of the pan and baking it with tinfoil over the top instead. Ha ha. Tasted good anyway.

The kids have also decided that they love canned sardines. IDK.


I’ll be in my room if you need me.

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Last year or so, I got into an online argument with someone. 😀

I don’t, usually. I’m perfectly aware that it’s a fruitless waste of time, so why bother, etc, etc, etc. But this one guy was all, “Men don’t need women,” and I wanted to blow off some steam.

Women are really only necessary if you want a future for humankind.

Anyway, that guy elaborated his comment to mean that love flows in one direction, going God -> Man -> Woman -> Child. God loves men, men love women, women love children, but children apparently don’t love anything? Except for maybe their pet cat. And cats love food. No arguments there.

Ha ha, I can’t even blog about this without making fun of it.

So, according to this guy’s logic, men get all their love from God, and therefore don’t need women.

I imagine that this guy’s life story is very lonely and depressing.

Love is significantly more interconnected than that. I know that as a mother, I feel an enormous amount of love from my children. They like to pick flowers for me, or climb to the top of the jungle gym and shout, “MOM I LOVE YOU!” They also love Dad, and like to get his favorite candy at the grocery store, or help him with his work.

As a family, we all very much love each other. The idea of one of us not needing the others is absurd.

Don’t go around assuming that men don’t need love from their wives and children — they very much do. Far more than they let on, too.