Increasing your stats – An elaboration

Let me go into more detail about what I said here.

Okay, so if every post gets 10 views, obviously posting once a week will result in a total of ten views, versus posting every day will get 70 views. The increase is purely because of more posts.


My experiments with WordPress actually showed that a longer posting streak will increase the number of views each post gets via the WordPress Reader.


Continuing with our 10 views per post example, that number will increase to 20, 30, or 40 views per post. Instead of ending the week with 70 views, you can end with 280. Also, older posts are more likely to get views as well.


These views aren’t coming from actual real live loyal readers. When you stop posting Every. Single. Day. your stats will plummet, and you have to start all over again. Dead internet, baby.

One of my favorite games is Swarm Simulator, which I like to joke is the pure essence of gaming without any of the filler crap like graphics or plots. The whole point is to watch the numbers get bigger. And bigger. I dunno why, but it’s kind of addicting.

I’ve decided to spend awhile playing the same sort of game on WordPress.


Back when I first got into paganism, I very quickly came across the criticism that most people used it to try to feel special. In fact, at the time it seemed quite true: the growing hipster trend seemed to be all about finding contrived ways to pretend that you were special.

I also immediately disliked New Age stuff for a number of reasons — while I enjoy some good “woo-woo”, there’s a limit before it gets to be too much. So, while I’ve known about “Indigo Children” for quite some time, it was not something I looked into.

For some reason, I’ve been thinking about the topic lately.

I come from a very normal family. Very. Normal. And I’ve always been the black sheep — I used to joke that I was adopted. I periodically and quite seriously wonder where I came from, because I’m not like the rest of my family at all.

So maybe there’s actually something to this whole “indigo children” idea after all.

Or maybe I just want to pretend that I’m special.

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How to increase your stats

Last year I did some experimenting to see what would boost my stats with blogging (without going off-site), and the one thing that had the most effect was posting at least once a day.

It didn’t seem to matter if I wrote paragraphs, or simply put up a picture. As long as I kept my streak, I got more and more views.

Then I got pregnant, and couldn’t be bothered, lol.

But hey, let’s see what we can achieve this time around.