This blog exists primarily as a place for me to post my fiction writing.

I also like to periodically post about my adventures in spinning, weaving, crochet, knitting, and sewing. I am very much a “multi-creative” sort, and handicrafts help get my brain juices flowing with ideas for writing. It’s because as a vitalist, I strongly believe in the mind-body connection, so I use crafting to think more clearly.

I began writing when I was 10 years old (Redwall fanfiction, lawl), and completed a few (crappy) novellas by the time I graduated from high school — but let’s be honest, everyone says that.

So, what sets me apart?

I went to college long enough to get an associates degree in general studies, then dropped out. Absolutely everyone I knew (and complete strangers) FREAKED OUT — I lost friends over it. But, I was thoroughly miserable in following the Standard Life Plan, and I needed to be free.

A year after that, after I had established myself with a full time job and my own apartment, I eloped with a man I barely met. Again, everyone I knew flipped their shit.

After some drama and a streak of bad luck, my husband and I ended up living in a car and traveling around the US. In southern California, we became coffee shop gurus, mainly because we were good at listening without passing judgment, and I’m pretty certain people confessed things to us that they wouldn’t dare tell their therapist. The stories I heard made a huge impact on how I approach life now.

After a couple of years of travel, we ended off-grid in the mountains of North Carolina. So gorgeous. So humid.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t physically able to maintain that sort of lifestyle, so after our first baby was born, we returned to my hometown in Utah and settled down to a more normal way of life.

And by that, I mean that we’re urban homesteaders. We’d love to get a big piece of land outside of town, but the cost of everything is absurdly high, so for now that remains a dream for the future.

Remember how I said that my husband and I eloped shortly after meeting? Despite everyone’s predictions, we’ve been together for 13 years and counting. We have six kids, and I’ve dedicated myself to motherhood. I adore the chaos, though it does get to be a little overwhelming at times. Anyway, my husband and I often bounce ideas and philosophies off of each other, making him an essential part of my writing process.

I also really like cats — they are my spirit animal.

All of this boils down to me having a unique perspective on the world, which I express through my writing.

I’m a pagan, and I identify as “politically non-binary”, hur hur. Unfortunately, I’ve had people online act all buddy-buddy until they realize that I don’t fit into their model of socially-acceptable, and I’m getting tired of being ghosted (never take friendship personally). I write about sex, alcohol, and cussing. Those things exist in the real world. If you can’t handle the real world, find a different author.

Though despite all that, I like to think that I maintain an optimistic tone in my fiction. I hate degeneracy and nihilism, and nothing I write is intended to be depressing.

I care far more about writing than I do about making money, so I tend to post things as I write them without any marketing. Maybe one day that will change, but for now, I’m just not in the mood to seek attention.

Thank you for adventuring through these mythical realms with me. I enjoy the company. 🙂


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