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In this post, I’ll be discussing spoilers for The Scion Suit. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you click the link and enjoy a free story.

The big reveal at the end of The Scion Suit is that the main character, Carol, is a “seed” for a bio-mechanical alien race, and she has a chip implanted in her brain stem that allows her to connect and interface with her mechanical body — aka the Suit. The idea behind her characterization is that she starts off as literally half of herself, and is consequently a fairly boring and one-dimensional individual. The more time she interfaces with the Suit, the more she develops into a full person.

With writing different story branches, I’ve had some time to emphasize that Carol doesn’t have much going on. She has no obvious hobbies or preferences, and can’t figure out how to occupy herself when she’s left to her own devices. Heck, she gets abruptly plucked out of her life and doesn’t miss anything about it.

I’m going to go ahead and confess something here:

I feel like I’m writing a normal, average real life person.

I want to believe that real people are more rounded than that, but unfortunately one of the poignant lessons of 2020 was that, when stuck at home with no where to go, a huge number of people will spend all day watching Netflix and not much else.

How disappointing.

But I guess that since this is my little fictional world, I can pretend that everyone is far more interesting than they are in the real one.

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Carol had never felt anything towards anyone before, and had never had a reason to be uncomfortable with that fact, either. But something about Lambert was strangely familiar, as if they were simply falling back into a relationship that had begun long ago. Somehow, she was certain that she had been to his house before, and had sat in the living room watching a movie in much the same way, only this time they were finally indulging in their feelings for each other.

It was a very odd sensation.

The Scion Suit – Multiverse Edition
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Adding Romance to TSS

Quick recap: I wrote The Scion Suit in 2019 as a response to a writing prompt on Reddit that ended up being popular.


While Carol and Lambert did develop some chemistry between the two of them during the course of the story, there simply wasn’t enough time for either of them to realize it consciously. Since this story was ‘unplanned,’ and was written while I was in the middle of working on The Black Magus, I kept it short and to the point, with the idea of returning to expand it into a full-length novel someday.

I’m a hopeless romantic. Honestly, sometimes it feels a little embarrassing to say, “I write love stories,” when so many people start groaning at those words, and I can easily imagine lurkers from Reddit reading this post and thinking to themselves, “She’s going to ruin TSS by adding sex!” (You know it! *wink wink*) But what can I say? It’s just who I am. A pervert.

Let’s be frank: Reddit was fun, but it wasn’t enough to keep me there. Ultimately, I found more joy in pursuing my own projects, even though they don’t get as much attention (admittedly, I don’t advertise). If you, as a reader, dislike things like romance, sex, and babies, then I’m not the author for you. I have five kids IRL, meaning there’s a huge amount of living out my fantasies and writing what I know going on, so naturally it’s going to permeate through my fiction.

I’m going to write my story arc where Carol and Lambert do everything right to end up [in bed] together, it’s going to be emotional and hot, and I’m going to love every second of it. So there. Deal with it.

Besides, there’s no point in trying to deny it.

I’m not exactly vanilla.

And the dynamic between those two is too kinky to ignore.

The Scion Suit

The Scion Suit – Behind the scenes

I know, everyone is all like, “Oh my god, she’s beating a dead horse! The story wasn’t that good.”

But ha ha! I intend on turning this horse into GLUE! The only escape is to stop reading my blog, bwahahahahahahaha!

Actually, I’ve had a really crazy week, and now I’m coming down sick/loopy from the stress. Hoo-rah!

ANYwho, some of my personal notes on The Scion Suit:



I changed a few things for the final version, but you can probably see how things evolved.

Not pictured: Research into military rankings and culture. This was the hardest part for me; I didn’t want to be blatantly wrong, but the only personal experience I have is a handful of conversations with a couple of ex-military guys. I’m not actually sure if Lambert would have had his own office as a captain.

Also not pictured: Lots of brainstorming with my husband. He’s my number one source of inspiration, meaning he comes up with the ideas and I steal them. Just kidding. He knows how to get my juices going. Lol.

Why did I choose that particular prompt?

My method is to sort by ‘new’ then keep scrolling until I find something that stands out to me, and ignore popularity altogether, because I’m an arteest and not an attention whore. I picked that prompt because it reminded me of a reoccurring dream that I’ve had several times over the past few years, and I very nearly wrote the dream as my response. However, I very quickly decided that the dream deserved the time and attention that I put into my novels, and opted to come up with an entirely new story instead. The dream was still a major influence.

Then the prompt got popular. Whoopsie.

So there you go.