Cast Iron Brownies with Marshmallows

At the end of my third pregnancy, I commented to another mom my age that all I ever wanted to eat was brownies made with real butter. She reacted like I had said something weird — along the lines of, “What else would you make brownies with?”

I didn’t bother to explain that shortening is frequently used as a substitute, or that box brownies usually call for vegetable oil. I’ve always had a lazy streak when it comes to conversations, and I thought that she was the one who was being weird.

Anyway, after months of craving a variety of foods, the last few weeks of pregnancy always boil down to carbs and fat. Like brownies. Baby needs to come out chubby, you see.

Today, I decided to make cast iron brownies.

I use a normal brownie recipe, then bake it in a preheated cast iron pan soaked in butter for extra deliciousness.

As I was getting the batter mixed together, one of my kids asked, “Can we put marshmallows in it?”

And I thought to myself, “Why not?”

So, I put mini marshmallows on top of the brownies for the last five minutes of baking.

They’re so delicious, I’m certain that I have invented a new type of sin. ^.^

6 thoughts on “Cast Iron Brownies with Marshmallows”

  1. My mom used to use only margarine for everything but special holiday cookies, so I always craved those special cookies every year just for that butter taste. Now I only use butter and the fancy European butter is the special one I use. Anyways, I made brownies recently, too, but my kids are nowhere near as adventurous as yours. They’d only give me funny looks if I took out the marshmallows.

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    1. Ditto! That’s why I specified real butter, because I grew up on margarine and shortening, and never baked with butter before I was out on my own.

      Too bad I can’t get away with eating treats like this more often. 😀

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