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Hatoful Boyfriend

One of my most favoritest video games of all time is Hatoful Boyfriend, which is a categorized as a ‘dating simulator.’

Plot twist: You play as a human girl in a post-apocalyptic world that is dominated by hyper-intelligent birds. The puns are egregious.

And it gets weirder from there.

I know, I’m a strange person for loving the heck out of this game.

Which reminds me that I wanted to make a “Hatoful Boyfriend” shirt for myself…

Anyway, this game is what got me thinking that it would be a lot of fun to write a visual novel, especially because decent portions of it are spent reading events as they happen, rather than any per se ‘playing.’

I’m getting pretty excited over the idea of turning The Scion Suit into an interactive visual novel. I’m not planning on doing any art, at the moment, but exploring all of the ‘what ifs’ is … AWESOME.

And honestly, it’s a relief to be back in the realm of fantasy/sci fi writing. I missed it.

I also need to give Hatoful Boyfriend another play through, lol.

2 thoughts on “Hatoful Boyfriend”

  1. I’ve not played the game, but looking at the pictures here, it comes across as though someone had a fixed idea of the story they wanted to tell, and then found that none of the images they wanted were available, perhaps like trying to perform a play about soldiers with only bakery-themed costumes and props. Just what I thought as I looked at the mismash of pigeons and dialogue about, well, things that wouldn’t generally have any relevance for birds. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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    1. The game was made by a manga artist who wanted “to create something that seems ridiculous and crazy at first glance, but that once you look into the world, you would fall into the depth”.

      That’s what I love so much about it.

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