The Scion Suit

The Scion Suit

Scion Suit

They called it the Suit. No one knew where it had originated, but it had become the pride and joy of the military, and those who piloted it were heroes. All Carol ever aspired to was to humbly clean the Suit, but she found herself ensnared in more than she ever imagined.

Side Quest



Originally posted on Reddit.

Praise for The Scion Suit:

“[…]this response was really just the prompt redone with more words added to it.” –CradleRobin

“Wait so does that mean she was using it all along in secret?” –GlaciusTS

“Now that you’ve built a nice background, what happens next?” –Hallucion


5 thoughts on “The Scion Suit”

  1. I don’t know if you’re aware, but if you end up writing and publishing a novel based on a prompt from r/writingprompts you can announce it on the sub and the mods will pin your post at the top for a day or two. I’ve seen it happen a few times, and they often get a fair bit of interest/attention, if that’s something you might be interested in.

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    1. Thank you, but I haven’t been on reddit in the past several months for … reasons (confession: I don’t want to know what other people are up to because I’m one of those sensitive writer sorts and it’s been a bad year).

      But anyway, in the time since I’ve written The Scion Suit, I’ve decided that I really want to expand it and add a second part to flesh it out into a full-length novel, so maybe after I’ve done that and published it, I’ll do as you’ve suggested.


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