Rune Factory 5

When I’m too fried to do anything, I’ve been playing Rune Factory 5.

My husband and I have played through most of the Rune Factory games — the exception being Frontiers, because the pacing was agonizingly slow, and it reused all the characters from the first game anyway. #nerds

With RF5, I told the kids that my character was going to marry Lucas, because he’s the most like daddy. 🙂

Fun moments include:

This is what he said after I gave him a love potion.

Oh, but that’s what I do, Lucas. Tee hee.

BHWAHAHA me and my filthy mind. I guess it’s not going to take long for babies to come along? (and Reinhard is in the background, pretending like he’s not there) LOL

As I was posting these, I realized that my character is wearing a different outfit in every single screenshot. Gosh I’m such a girl.

I confess that there’s an element of emotional indulgence with playing these games. The idea of finding a tight-knit community full of weirdos who could accept someone like me is, well, nice. I’m a pagan stay-at-home mom, so most people don’t like me.

I also tend to go pretty far into headcannon. I could write fanfiction with all the stuff I come up with while playing.


About Me


In Splatoon 3, I get the feeling that there are two factions: those who want to have a chill time inking base, and those who want to rush middle.

Me? Well, I’m a mid-30s stay-at-home mom playing Splatoon 3 because my 10-year-old likes it. I don’t have the reflexes to successfully rush middle, so I prefer to ink base.

But I am tickled by the fact that no one has any clue what these terms mean. Look at me, I’m blabbering gibberish. Ha, ha!

Seriously though, Nintendo isn’t exactly known as the hardcore gamer console. I like it the best because the games are playable for me and my kids. Just because this particular game is online, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be just as playable as Luigi’s Mansion or Breath of the Wild, and I don’t particularly enjoy being told that I should emulate the way a 20-year-old male NEET plays video games.

Anyway, the artwork on the whole is a lot more lighthearted and less furry-oriented this week, which is better. I actually bought a stylus for my 10-year-old to use for drawing, because she’s really developing as an artist. Watching my kids grow as individuals is the best part of being a parent.



Given how easy they are, I’m not sure why I don’t make crepes for breakfast more often.


I like to plan a family activity every weekend. Usually nothing big — as long as it’s something for all of us.

My oldest has been super excited for Splatoon 3 to be released for over a year now. So, when I learned about the special pre-release splatfest, I pulled out my phone and put it on the calendar so I wouldn’t forget.

We’ve spent the entire day gaming, with plenty of junk food