Rune Factory 5

When I’m too fried to do anything, I’ve been playing Rune Factory 5.

My husband and I have played through most of the Rune Factory games — the exception being Frontiers, because the pacing was agonizingly slow, and it reused all the characters from the first game anyway. #nerds

With RF5, I told the kids that my character was going to marry Lucas, because he’s the most like daddy. 🙂

Fun moments include:

This is what he said after I gave him a love potion.

Oh, but that’s what I do, Lucas. Tee hee.

BHWAHAHA me and my filthy mind. I guess it’s not going to take long for babies to come along? (and Reinhard is in the background, pretending like he’s not there) LOL

As I was posting these, I realized that my character is wearing a different outfit in every single screenshot. Gosh I’m such a girl.

I confess that there’s an element of emotional indulgence with playing these games. The idea of finding a tight-knit community full of weirdos who could accept someone like me is, well, nice. I’m a pagan stay-at-home mom, so most people don’t like me.

I also tend to go pretty far into headcannon. I could write fanfiction with all the stuff I come up with while playing.


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