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Normally I don’t blog about super personal information, but I’m in the mood so why not.

This last week I developed a blood clot in my leg. It’s a superficial one and responding quite well to basic home treatments, so I’m not very likely to die (though it is still painful). Honestly, I’ve known for my entire life that I inherited poor circulation in my lower extremities, but I kind of assumed it would never amount to anything worse than chronically cold feet. At least while I’m still in my 30s, you know? But blood clots does explain why I would periodically get fingerprint-sized bruises in random spots on my legs.

The event managed to hit me right in the emotions.

Unfortunately, a few days prior to this happening, my husband commented that I’ve been getting a lot of migraines lately, and I had an “Oh shit” moment. A number of things that I had attributed to a combination of stress and sleep deprivation could actually be signs of mini strokes, so I’m pretty freaked out. If I’ve been getting blood clots in my legs, then there’s a chance of getting them in my brain. I do not want to have a stroke and turn into a vegetable. I like being the way I am, and using my mind as much as I do. Everything I want in life revolves around being a functional person.

Angst angst angst.

At the very least, I did let a few of my usual habits slip over the winter, so hopefully getting off my butt and back into daily exercise in will help improve my health, with a strong imperative of “DON’T BE LAZY AGAIN.”

I am not remotely thrilled at being prone to this sort of problem.

3 thoughts on “Personal Update”

    1. On the bright side, it’s as good excuse as any to bring back Dance Dance Revolution. I used to be pretty good … 15 years ago, lol.

      I decided to experiment with taking low dose aspirin, and it’s already helping me feel more “with it,” which is a huge relief. The clot in my leg is still healing, but at least its stopped moving and hurts a lot less.

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      1. Haha, I forgot about DDR! I never felt coordinated enough to do it, but knew someone who was obsessed with it. At least it’s a fun work out!
        And it’s great that you’ve been able to manage it and have been feeling more normal. I hope it heals quickly!

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