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Knitting Patterns

My baby is teething. And I am so tired.

I’m one of those excessively creative sorts, and writing is just *one* of the things I do — since it’s my favorite, it’s the one I blog about. Ostensibly. Since I’m not particularly ‘plugged in,’ I usually work on some sort of yarn project when most others are on their phones. I know that this is an obsolete thing to say now, but once upon a time I used to be the only mom at the playground who wasn’t glued to a screen. You know, back when the world still existed.

Sometimes I think everything really did end back in 2012, and we just didn’t realize it at the time.

Don’t mind me … I’m not getting enough sleep.

So, one of my other dreams is to publish crochet and knitting patterns. I’ve already made a few of my own designs, too.

The problem comes with writing them down. Following a knitting pattern is one thing, but writing one is agonizingly boring. Then, of course, in order to make them more commercially friendly, you need to work out different sizes, as well as gauge. I’ve always found it much easier to simply hand the sweater/scarf/hat over to whichever child I made it for, for them to promptly lose in a giant mess of laundry, never to be seen again.

Then I tell myself that since I can’t take a picture anyway, there’s no point in writing down the pattern.

But I still think that I would like to come up with designs that are based on the stories I write. Like, “Alicia’s baby booties,” or “Gertie’s shawl.” It would be a fun way to share this magical world of mine outside of the stories.

So, I’ve decided that one of my 2021 goals is to design and publish at least one knitting pattern for Alice and the Warden.

Here’s hoping I actually make that happen?

I’m currently knitting socks for my 8-year-old.

4 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns”

  1. Because of my cat and kids, I can’t crochet anymore, at least not for a while, but my mom would probably enjoy a shawl pattern. At least, it’ll get her away from all the king size blankets she’s been making for all the kids in the family since the pandemic started.

    I miss the days of my childhood when I saw parents pushing their kids on the swings and talking to each other. I avoid playgrounds during peak hours because I can’t stand all the unsupervised children while their parents stare at screens. It’s quite disturbing out there these days.

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    1. I crocheted a king size granny square afghan once … and once was enough, lol.

      Shawls are like personal blankets that are pretty enough you can wear them out in public, and I love them.

      I like to imagine that one day people will realize what they’ve been missing out on, and they’ll all put down their phones to take the time to really connect and engage with the real world again. If only …

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      1. Haha, she’s on her fourth with a fifth already planned. Then again, she has a hard time doing anything on a small scale, so even a shawl would probably be a bit more than a personal blanket.

        I have the same wish, though it mostly involves all of technology going down so people have no choice but to connect in the real world.

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