About Me


My six-year-old loves DanTDM, and after the birth of baby #4 I’ve been keeping the older three pacified with hours and hours of his videos while I’ve been postpartum. It dawned on me that he’s popular. Mind you, I knew that when we first found his channel over a year ago, but now he’s, like, popular.

I’ve started wondering what it would be like to have that many fans.

Of course, the thought of going on tours and talking to lots of strangers is a very off-putting idea for me. Invisible introvert here. That’s why I write. NTY for that one.

But what if someone drew fan art of my characters? What if someone read every novel I ever write? What if someone related to my story?

Just one person who isn’t somehow personally connected to me enjoying one of my novels would be really cool.

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