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Last year or so, I got into an online argument with someone. 😀

I don’t, usually. I’m perfectly aware that it’s a fruitless waste of time, so why bother, etc, etc, etc. But this one guy was all, “Men don’t need women,” and I wanted to blow off some steam.

Women are really only necessary if you want a future for humankind.

Anyway, that guy elaborated his comment to mean that love flows in one direction, going God -> Man -> Woman -> Child. God loves men, men love women, women love children, but children apparently don’t love anything? Except for maybe their pet cat. And cats love food. No arguments there.

Ha ha, I can’t even blog about this without making fun of it.

So, according to this guy’s logic, men get all their love from God, and therefore don’t need women.

I imagine that this guy’s life story is very lonely and depressing.

Love is significantly more interconnected than that. I know that as a mother, I feel an enormous amount of love from my children. They like to pick flowers for me, or climb to the top of the jungle gym and shout, “MOM I LOVE YOU!” They also love Dad, and like to get his favorite candy at the grocery store, or help him with his work.

As a family, we all very much love each other. The idea of one of us not needing the others is absurd.

Don’t go around assuming that men don’t need love from their wives and children — they very much do. Far more than they let on, too.


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