About Me


Whenever we go to the grocery store, our last stop is always the snack aisle for the kids to pick out a little treat, provided that they’ve earned it with good behavior, of course.

Someone else needed to pass by us, so I urged the kids to make room for her to get through. She smiled and said, “You’re so lucky to have a lot of kids.”

Ten years ago when we had our first baby, the general attitude from strangers was the complete opposite — a constant stream of criticism and judgment. Heck, even my health care providers for my prenatal checkups took it upon themselves to lecture me about the virtues of birth control, and treated me as if I had committed some great failure of responsibility. I felt as if everyone in the entire world hated fertility.

All of a sudden this year, I’ve had multiple people say that I’m lucky to have six kids. It’s weird, but refreshing.

I very much feel lucky. It’s been so delightful to watch my babies grow and interact with my smaller babies. I think the best part of life is having people to love.


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