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I actually have a hard time knowing how to classify my writing. Oh sure, there’s the big picture ‘fantasy/sci fi’ tag, but I get a little lost in the subgenres.

For example, my concept story “THEM” is my idea for a time traveling romance. Only, it features a nebulous alien invasion versus sorcerers, and the main love interest travels back in time to coach the main character (who was brought forward in time after her original was killed by the aliens) on how to seduce his contemporary counterpart, except she’s a reluctant introvert with social anxiety. All while she’s nannying a 4-year-old prince. Cue gothic overtones.

Maybe I’m just not well read enough, but I haven’t seen any hints of other books that are remotely like that.

Am I my own niche?

Which is one of the reasons why it’s so easy for me to put off that whole “marketing” thing (not to mention, I don’t want to mentally drain myself so I can’t spend time writing every day, ’cause it’s the writing part that I love the most).

I also have a malfunction.

But sometimes I feel lost in the noise. There are a lot of danged writers these days, and sometimes I think it’s harder to convince people to read something for free than it is to get them to buy it. Like, da hek ppl?

Am I going to find more readers by demanding money? Is that what you want out of me?


My husband thinks I’m better at writing sci fi than fantasy. It is true that I was exposed to fantasy first, and there is a possibility that I might have stuck with it out of habit, despite the fact that I don’t actually like “sword and sorcery” type stuff all that much; hence why my Order of the Magi all use the internet and conduct their business with electronic tablets. I also prefer to explore human nature, instead of ‘world building’ or any of the typical fantasy tropes, but I also don’t like Star Trek type stories, or “technology is the magic” sorts of things either. I guess that I’ve got a nerdy enough bent to me that I like a solid foundation in reality. I’ve probably just illustrated that I’m actually a very picky reader.

So … the sequel to The Black Magus will very likely have a more sci fi atmosphere instead of fantasy. Heck, I established that magic is mostly just learning how to muck around with reality’s programming code anyway.

The hilarious part is, I have zero intuitive understanding of today’s trendy technology. Smart devices and I don’t get along. At all.

6 thoughts on “Random thoughts about writing”

  1. Hmm, maybe genre bending. It seems to be a thing these days. At least, I see it a lot more in book descriptions now. But that’s my favorite part of self-published books, the interesting ways authors twist around multiple genres.

    Haha, devices and I don’t get along, either. I have no clue how they work or how to work them, but am proficient at breaking them.


    1. I should start flaunting that I do genre bending, lol. It’s not like I go out of my way to do it, but most of my story ideas come from dreams, and they tend to be a mishmash of everything I have stuffed inside my head.

      I hardly use my phone because I feel like I’m always arguing with it. I know what I’m typing, so stop “correcting” it! Sheesh.

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  2. I didn’t realise I had written a science fiction novel until my publisher put it there. Which meant that reviewers were expecting all of the “tech is magic” stuff, and were surprised to meet a political drama. I dislike niches because you can get lost in them. Write what you like and let the marketers deal with the fallout.


    1. I was recently advised that I should research and cater to niches, so I brushed it off by saying that I’m too much of an egomaniac, lol.

      I want to read your book.

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