About Me


A couple of weeks before baby #5 was born, someone passing by saw me out in the yard with the children, so she stopped and asked, “How do you do it with so many kids?” The answer is actually quite simple:


Or, to use the more socially acceptable term: Attitude.

I could wake up every day and tell myself that I’m overtired and underappreciated, but that would be such a drab way to live. So I don’t.

I’m a guardian angel.

A mischievous fairy.

An empathetic goddess.

With heavy doses of apathy.

More commonly referred to as, “Picking your battles.”

Some days feel more like a giant game of ‘pretend’ with real chores and real tantrums, because pretending to be a graceful princess is more satisfying than brooding over how much I hate washing the dishes.

It’s better to think of myself as ‘irreplaceable,’ than ‘underappreciated.’

And who knows, maybe I really am a fairy changeling.


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