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Hello, again

We had another girl, born at 7lbs 13oz, and she’s a perfect, princess-angel-blossom in every way.

Highlights include: sending my husband out for donuts during labor, because I had a mad craving and I knew there was still plenty of time; my first water birth; and, remembering that newborns really are that tiny.

Even though this is my fifth baby, it’s still amazing that I created a new person. I also still frequently wake up to check if she’s breathing. Some things never change.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my “baby-cation” of lazing around and snuggling, but I’m also getting a liiiitle bored of watching movies. I’m not sure how coherent I am at the moment, but I think its time to get back to creativity despite that. That’s what editing is for, anyway, lol.

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