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This is the worst pregnancy brain I’ve ever experienced. I can’t remember being so forgetful before … har har.

To give me some credit, this is also the most children I’ve ever had, and between waking up early with the kids, trying to get quality time with my husband in the evening, and spending the night being pregnant, I’m probably not getting as much sleep as I need. Trust me, I’m trying, but for some reason everyone in my family loves me and wants to be with me. LOL.

So I’ve become horrendously absentminded with everything.

ANYway, as I’ve stated before, I’ve been planning on going AWOL while I prepare for my new baby, and with everything that’s happening ‘n all, it’s especially important for me to retreat right now. The last thing I need is to absorb all the stress and anxiety that’s going around right before I go into labor.

So, I won’t be on the internet for awhile.

I have a stash of yarn, a recipe book full of desserts, and a lawn chair with my name on it.

If only I could remember where I put the sunscreen.

4 thoughts on “AWOL”

    1. The other day I put bread dough in pans, set the timer to let it rise, then promptly forgot all about it — even when the timer went off, lol. My husband found the unbaked loaves 3 hours later, and he didn’t even wonder what happened.


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