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Personal Update

I’m at the point in pregnancy where I want to sit on the couch all day, eating buttery brownies while watching the first season of ‘Call the Midwife’. But I’ve got, like, four other kids to take care of, and they’re always hungry. And heck, I’ve never been any good at sitting around to begin with.

I just wish I could get my back muscles to be more cooperative.

Since my energy is waning and I’m losing my ability to focus, I’ll be blogging even less. I’m planning on taking the months of May and June off entirely, and schedule up whatever I have written of Alice and the Warden during that time, which will hopefully see me through. While it thoroughly impresses me that some women can have a baby without missing a beat, I am definitely not one of them.

And honestly,

I know I don’t see the world the same way most people do. In a way it kind of hurts to watch everyone else share in a collective experience, while being the outsider with a totally different perspective. But that’s how it’s always been.

So really, the timing is working out perfectly for me.

3 thoughts on “Personal Update”

  1. I’m that person who always was looking in from the outside and I have never recovered fast from pregnancy either. It drove my friend’s nuts but…I couldn’t. It took me a long time after my last one and my one friend got impatient and sort of dropped me. Oh well! Better off without her 😉

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    1. Taking two months off is me being optimistic, lol. If it ends up being an intense summer, the heat combined with postpartum hormones will have me out of sorts for a lot longer.

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