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Too Late?

Sometimes I worry that I decided to jump into the whole ‘author’ thing a bit too late. Blogs are, like, totally old hat by now, and everyone has literally switched over to YouTube. Most of ’em haven’t read anything since Fifty Shades of Grey anyway.

The funny thing is, I was planning on retreating for the first half of this year, given that I’m expecting our fifth baby (omg that’s a lot of kids). Instead, the characters in my head have gotten louder, to the point that it’s meaningless to argue that I’ve got my own major life events going on. So, here I am, writing another story.

And I wonder: is there going to be an audience for novelettes posted on some random person’s blog? Even if I put tons of effort into marketing in my own way, will it ever amount to anything? It’s been ages since blogs were the hot new shiny item, and as much as I love fantasizing about being a crazy trend-breaker, I’m not sure if anyone else wants to go along with it.

Am I too late?

In a way, it’s also exciting to discover who’s still out there.

Hello, we’re the weirdos who stubbornly do our own thing, irregardless of where the masses have gone.

3 thoughts on “Too Late?”

  1. I feel the same way. I ask why this couldn’t have happened – my characters screaming to come out – when I was blogging at the height of blogging 10 years ago and had sooo many followers. Now, here I sit, mainly writing to an audience of zero. But, I still write because I enjoy it. It’s relaxing. My characters are real to me. And yes, sometimes I find some other weirdos like me 🙂

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    1. Lol, exactly, right?

      I write because it keeps me sane, and I post it because I hope that it might entertain someone else during a time when they need the distraction. I would just like to know that there’s a chance of that actually happening…

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