About Me

Pregnancy Brain

I always struggle the most with pregnancy brain.

At this point, I’ve gotten pretty good at working with most everything else. Okay, so I tire more easily and tend to be clumsy, but it’s all manageable. I just have the older kids make sandwiches and vacuum, and my husband does all of the lifting. We’ve got the day-to-day functioning down.

But sometimes, my brain is just not happening. Sometimes, I feel like a different person.

I’m accustomed to having a rich inner world, so when I have my “Nope, not today” periods, it drives me batty. I want to think, and my brain won’t let me. I feel like I could go crazy when I set something down and can’t remember where sixty seconds later. What was I doing again? Oh, heck if I know.

It’s the one thing that gets to me.

I use my brain a lot, and I want it back!

But alas, I have yet to discover how to alleviate this particular symptom.

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