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Writing Drive

I’m working on my second draft for my current novel-in-progress, but I’ve been letting lots of “real life” activities distract me — that’s what happens when Spring rolls around.

Instead of writing, I’ve sandblasted an antique bathtub, hand sewed a cloth doll, and adopted a sun conure (who likes my husband better, ha ha). With all of these other activities going on, I haven’t felt much like curling up with my laptop.

Even now, my seven-month-old kitten is buttering me up for attention. What a busy person I have become!

But eventually the absence from writing starts to wear thin, like an unmet drive that becomes more and more distracting with each passing moment. I confess to feeling cranky for the last couple of days. Too much time has slipped by. I crave my words and characters again.

Soon the drive must be satiated.

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