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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

My husband surprised me with Luigi’s Mansion, because I’m kinda a huge Nintendo fangirl, lol.

My goal is to make it around at least one block Trick-or-Treating without fainting or throwing up. Unfortunately, all of the Halloween celebrations happen after my good hours are over, but because I spent an entire year planning out my brilliant costume, I don’t want to sit at home alone. It would be horrendously depressing.

We carved pumpkins yesterday afternoon. Usually we do that on Halloween to keep the kids entertained while they have to wait an eternity for evening to come, but I’m trying to be mindful of my energy reserves and not over-do it. I even went to bed early last night in preparation.

Samhain starts after sundown, but I’m not optimistic about that one at all. Lets just say that I’m previously engaged in an even higher ritual that will take several more months to culminate.

Short update, lol.