About Me


Our 15-year-old cat developed an abscess on his front leg. I’ve been putting a warm compress on it to keep it draining and so far it’s healing normally, but treating the injury is making me very aware of his age. I adopted this cat before I met my husband, so it’s sad to feel that his time with us is growing short. He just looks and feels so old now.

I’ve been getting bombarded with one thing after another. Things like the two-year-old sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night, then throwing up on my pillow … twice. Ha ha. So much fun (as far as I can tell, she’s got a really sensitive stomach). It’s been bad enough that I’ve been cruising on instant coffee, because I can’t keep up with my usual coffee routine. So tired.

But hey, it’s October. That means it’s time to pull out the fake spider web and decorate for Halloween, which is by far the best holiday ever, lol.

Can’t wait.

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