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I found this to be an interesting video.

These days, creative sorts are essentially told that they cannot “succeed” without promoting themselves on social media. However, the crux is that the very nature of social media is toxic to creative minds, and is far more likely to kill artistic endeavors.

IE the comment section on that video.

I’m the sort that decided that my personal growth and expression through storytelling is more important than money or popularity. This blog is as close as I get to social media, and I personally don’t count it as such, because it’s mostly just me rambling at no one in particular. What can I say? I like the sound of crickets.

Not to mention, I’m rather limited on time, and I’d much rather spend it writing than on reading and replying to a boatload of comments. I’m introverted like that.

4 thoughts on “Social Media”

    1. Arguably, if you weren’t there for ‘Demonology 101’, then you’re not going to understand how drastically the internet has changed since Myspace and Facebook came around.


  1. Totally agreed. I try to avoid the comments section of news pieces I see on Facebook, because I know half of the commenters have not read the post, and the other half have their extreme views on the issue. That’s not something I’m willing to absorb and would much rather just go about my day without much external junk. Can’t avoid the internet and social media though. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. The problem for creative sorts is that they’ll put their heart and souls into making something, post about it social media, and only get a few likes/views in response. It’s extremely difficult to maintain objectivity and realize that the problem is with the algorithms, not with your work.


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