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I just straight up forgot to post anything yesterday, so I guess I’ve hit the limit of what my mind can do, lol.

Yesterday ended up being a bummer because I was expecting something good, and it didn’t happen. So, you know, vague references and all that.

Totally random thought:

My first daughter went through a phase where she absolutely hated it when anyone tried to touch her hair. It was a battle just to get her hair brushed, and any attempts I made to style it were immediately yanked out, so I decided to let her be. This happened to coincide when I tried to socialize, and a lot of the other moms treated me like I was totally ignorant and/or lazy for not putting styles and bows in my daughter’s hair.


These days daughter #4 loves having her hair styled. She makes requests like, “I want two braids and two pigtails!” And I get to exercise my creativity in figuring out how to do what she wants in a way that looks cute. Sometimes I feel like I could start a youtube channel on the topic. Ha ha.

It’s been years since I’ve seen those judgmental meanies, but I’m sure they’re all on antidepressants by now.

Just because someone doesn’t do something, doesn’t mean that they can’t.

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