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The word on the street is that there’s been a surge in the local raccoon population this year.

Indeed, it has been something of a routine to sit out on the porch in the evening and watch the raccoons boldly saunter up the driveway to help themselves to our backyard. Heck, I even asked my husband to accompany me outside one night to finish up a chore, because I was worried about raccoons.

In the neighborhood discussions on what to do about this problem, there’s always that person who says, “Why can’t we live in harmony with the widdle animals?”

Because they kill chickens and cats, ravage gardens, damage property, and carry horrible diseases like rabies.

That’s why.

So, the conversation goes something like:

“Just don’t leave cat food out, so they won’t visit your property.”

“They’re also attracted to fruit trees and gardens.”

“My neighbor had her entire flock of chickens killed by raccoons who then tore their way into the crawl space of her house to build their nest, and it stinks to high heaven.”

“But the widdle animals!”

People who don’t have any real-world experience don’t understand that Nature isn’t a benevolent entity that wants to wrap us in a loving embrace of peace and harmony. Life is not a Disney movie.

But hey, maybe by the time winter rolls around, a few minds will realize what a raccoon infestation actually means.

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