About Me


So … I haven’t been having the best time of it for the past few days. Between the toddler having a sour stomach, and someone else waking up early with a bloody nose (not to mention my bundle of joy that needs to nurse during the night), I’ve been feeling fairly … bleh.

I’m starting to fantasize about locking myself in my bedroom with a giant bag of candy. It would be so sinful. So devious. So fun. I can’t decide if I like Twix or Milky Way the best.

I tried to make a pot pie last night, only I couldn’t make the pie crust behave itself with rolling it out *so tired*. I ended up mashing it all to the bottom of the pan and baking it with tinfoil over the top instead. Ha ha. Tasted good anyway.

The kids have also decided that they love canned sardines. IDK.


I’ll be in my room if you need me.

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