About Writing


I had intended to post 1000-word installments of The Scions every other week, which seemed like an easy goal.

As it turns out, my life is currently a little too hectic to pull that off.

I’m not even averaging a 100 words a day.

More like, “I wrote a sentence and fixed up some word choices today.”

But that’s how it currently is. I don’t mind — it always feels like one of the largest miscommunications that I’m always struggling with is that other people don’t understand how much I love the journey. Life is too interesting for me to complain about how I don’t have the time or energy to write much these days. Besides, this is basically the reason why I don’t do deadlines.

The story is still very much on my mind, and I have no intention of abandoning it (not than anyone wants to read it anyway), it’s just coming more at a drip than a steady flow.

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