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11 Years

For some strange reason, WordPress thinks that I registered on June 5th, 2011. The first post I made with this account is actually dated November 14th, 2010, so I haven’t the slightest clue where this “anniversary” came from.

In June 2011, my husband and I were living in San Diego. We had been together for about a year and a half, shit had officially hit the fan, and all of my prior friends and family were eagerly letting me know how much of an epic failure I was … Just in case you were wondering where my cynicism came from.

I have nothing good to say about 2011.

We were so far down on the nobody list, random strangers confessed their deepest, darkest secrets to us — I’m pretty certain they told us things that they wouldn’t even tell their therapists. This became a huge influence on the direction I ended up going with my life, and shaped many of my inner philosophies.

Southern California was hideously expensive, so we left at the end of July. We haven’t visited since, or even considered the possibility of vacationing there. I’m sorry, but the price of milk was absurd back then, and it’s only gotten worse.

I’m not even going to mention gas prices.

2 thoughts on “11 Years”

  1. My husband and I left Southern California the same summer, and then we moved back a few years later. Still deciding how wise that move was. And we’ll definitely not even peek at how much we spend on gas. I’m about this close to deciding we can spend a few hours walking everywhere.

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