Throwing in the towel

I’ve given up on reading Outlander for the time being.

The novel was getting to be genuinely nauseating for me — it was like a super concentrated form of Boomerisms, to the point that I was starting to expect the book to tell me to “just get a job” during a massive economic crash with skyrocketing unemployment rates.

And by the way, I didn’t understand when I became a parent. Quite the opposite.


Aside from the blatant Mary-Sue main character and the woobie-love-interest, the whole story has been thus far told with rampant hubris and condemnation. I’ve read other highland romance books that didn’t treat the period or the culture with so much disdain, and I honestly wasn’t expecting it. Why write a historical book when you hate absolutely everything about the past?

At one point the reader is informed that the Laird’s wife is cheating on him with every **** she can get her hands on, as if we’re expected to believe that all the clansmen are eagerly insulting their Laird’s honor and authority while simultaneously respecting him. Yeah. Sure. If you’re a Boomer.

And we mustn’t forget the bit about pennyroyal being regularly used to induce miscarriages. While it technically can be done, the amount necessary is darn close to being lethal, and it comes with nasty side effects — it’s not something that any sane woman would gamble with unless she was desperate enough to die. It wasn’t the historic form of The Pill.

What makes the author so certain that all women hate the idea of being mothers? Oh. Right. Boomers.

I just can’t keep reading that book anymore. Like I said, it’s actually getting nauseating.

2 thoughts on “Throwing in the towel”

  1. I’m so glad I never got far enough in that book to even know what you’re talking about. I’m also impressed you made it that far. It sounds absolutely sickening.

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