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I’m running into mental fatigue with my fiction writing, and now that it’s July and the weather is HOT HOT HOT, I’d say that it’s time for a little vay-cay.

I’ve settled on getting Alice and the Warden fully polished and published by the end of summer. Since I’m a finicky sort and I don’t handle deadlines very well — and I’m having dreams about an impending storm — I’m not announcing any set dates until later.

In other news, our favorite Mom&Pop restaurant that we’ve been going to every Saturday for the last four (or so) years is now closed forever, so … I don’t know what to do with the family today. It’s not exactly like there’s a multitude of other small restaurants to explore …

Even I like to leave the house occasionally.

And there was a rather amusing bit where everything went wrong with trying to go out on my mile walk the other day, and I still haven’t gotten a new bicycle pump to fix the flat tire on the stroller.

The height of summer isn’t all that great for doin’ stuff.

Photo by Nizam Abdul Latheef on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Writing and other news”

    1. We were friends enough with the owners that I knitted a winter hat for them in exchange for a chiffon cake, so I’m pretty bummed about them closing down. But they decided it was time to get out of the restaurant business, and I can’t say I blame them.

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