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10 Years Ago

WordPress has informed me that today is my ten year anniversary.

I distinctly remember something different, but who knows. The whole 2011-12 era was an alternate world.

In June 2011 my husband and I were living in southern California, and hating every minute of it, lol.

I guess some people like cities, but I thought that the cost of living was ridiculously high, I couldn’t open any windows in the apartment because the smell of pot would instantly stink up everything, and there was absolutely nothing to do.

Not kidding on that last one, too. I asked one of the locals in my age group what they did for fun, and they answered, “Drinking at bars.” Wow. So stimulating. I think I’ll pass.

Other than that, everyone was a massive workaholic because the cost of living was so high. The only people we met who did anything remotely interesting were homeless hippies.

I just ain’t a city girl.

Heck, yesterday I took the kids on another mile-long bike ride, and the only person we saw during the whole time was a UPS driver. I waved, and he waved back. That’s how I like it.

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