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Crochet Hangers and more

You’re a hard core loser if you don’t own at least a dozen of these bad boys.

Also, I’m kind of addicted to spinning yarn. I made the green meself (I bought the cream online a couple years ago for some project or other i dont remember).

The pattern can be found here.

Also, because I know that you’re dying of curiosity, I finished making this out of the pink and yellow roving:

4 thoughts on “Crochet Hangers and more”

  1. Haha, I need a dozen! I don’t know why I never thought of populating my closet with crochet hangers. They feel much friendlier than the plastic ones that like to get their revenge on me when I hang something on them.

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    1. My mom used to make the hanger covers all the time, and taught me how while I was still in grade school. Then after I became an adult, she confessed that she absolutely hates making them, and only did it because it was a popular craft at the time. But the damage was done, and I adore them, lol.

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