Alice and the Warden

Random notes about AatW

  • I feel like I’m writing the baby too much like a prop. I’m always mindful to make sure that she’s present and accounted for (instead of simply not being there for some unexplained reason), and newborns really do spend most of their time sleeping, but I want to throw in more descriptions of her to make her feel more like a character.
  • I want to flesh out the friendship between Kate and Gertie. I know how they’d interact, but I can’t quite figure out how to slip it into the story. My brain is being totally blah about this.
  • Because I originally intended this to be a novelette, I’ve been typing it on the laptop. Right now, I’m really missing the ability to scribble notes in the margins. I have no clue if LibreOffice has a similar feature, because I never bothered to learn anything beyond the bare basics.
  • I’m also really terrified of my laptop crashing and losing everything.
  • I wrote a really sexy scene, and now I don’t know what to do with it. What’s this story rated anyway?
  • I need to describe pretty much everything better, and figure out what the heck that English thing is. You have no idea how mortifying it is to publicly post a first draft.
  • Nobody’s reading it anyway (except for you, of course).
  • I’m starting to worry that the pacing is too slow, and I need to get on with it already. But, given the speed of the rest of the story, doing that might make the ending feel unpleasantly rushed.

3 thoughts on “Random notes about AatW”

  1. I don’t know, but there have been so many hints that now I’m expecting that sexy scene. And even seasoned authors have pacing problems; it’s just never going to work with everyone. Besides, that’s what editing is for. Supposedly. I think a lot of authors of books I’ve reviewed might disagree. I’ve only been posting first drafts to my blog and the mortification never goes away (I just refuse to learn my lesson), but gets easier by pretending it doesn’t exist until a stray comment pops up. I just have the same fear my computer’s going to crash, so having it safely posted to my blog ensures it’s there. I also use Google Docs and Wattpad (without actually posting anything) as storage sites so I just have to worry about an epic Internet failure.

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    1. I should rate it ‘M’ for Mom, and write about Alice’s embarrassment when she realizes she forgot to put in nursing pads before going to the grocery store. >.<

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      1. Ooh, been there, done that. I completely agree with an M rating. I like how present Alicia is. She reminds me of my own babies, just a bit more well-behaved.

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