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Murder, She Wrote

I’ve been watching ‘Murder, She Wrote‘ in my downtime, and I’m currently halfway through season 2.

Occasionally I think that the main character, Jessica Fletcher, is too trusting. She hands high-priced items over to the police without ever once suspecting that anything less than honorable will happen to them, and she openly talks about her suspicions and plans to whoever happens to be nearby.

Of course, since it’s a TV show, she always has everything lined up perfectly whenever the bad guy tries to do bad things, and the day always ends with justice prevailing.

It annoys me deeply. Irritates. Vexes. Abrades. Perturbs. Etc.

Perhaps it’s a generation gap, or simply all too telling of many of my own experiences, but the amount of open trust without any negative consequences strikes me as implausible and naive. I want to grab Fletcher by the shoulders and shout, “KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!” The world is a dark and evil place, and there’s a murderer in your midst. Keep your wits about you, and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll survive into the next episode.

But that’s not the world portrayed in the series. That world is comparatively innocent and unrelatable for me.

That said, I do very much enjoy the episodes about writer culture. Them’s fun.

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