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My week in haiku – 8/27

Drive to the dentist
And coax my kid’s mouth open
To look at her teeth

Walk in the hot sun
To play at an awesome park
Water’s gone — head home

The sound of water
Flowing over many rocks
This river smells weird

A yellow jacket
It came to investigate
We fled in terror

Raiding the grapevine
They aren’t remotely ripe yet
Sour through and through


My week in haiku – 8/20

A crash and a cry
My child slipped on the stairs
And scraped her elbow


The life of a mom
Is chock-full of sleepless nights
I’m so exhausted


Biscuits n gravy
A delicious breakfast here
Fresh from the freezer 🙂


Soft white corriedale
Spinning wool into some yarn
On a drop spindle


Tiny sweet meows
With many sharp little claws
Kittens are abound