The Stable Diffusion Rabbit Hole

I’m thoroughly terrible at documentation, so I didn’t write a single thing down. Whoot whoot, go me!

At this point, my husband has decided that we need to get Stable Diffusion set up at home, so we can make lots of pretty pictures without spending “credits” through host sites. Also because we’re the sort of nerds that enjoy making minute changes to see what effect it has, and that’s very difficult when one is working with limited numbers.

So, with this round of learning, I took the same prompt, “Yellow rose in a glass vase. Centered composition,” and changed the art style. I do remember that one of them I put down “Lisa Frank,” but I bet that you can’t guess which one. Another one was, “Magic realism.”

Also, since I used the Stable Diffusion Demo for these, I had no control over the seed or any other technical settings.

I need to get into the habit of documenting.

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