Back when I first got into paganism, I very quickly came across the criticism that most people used it to try to feel special. In fact, at the time it seemed quite true: the growing hipster trend seemed to be all about finding contrived ways to pretend that you were special.

I also immediately disliked New Age stuff for a number of reasons — while I enjoy some good “woo-woo”, there’s a limit before it gets to be too much. So, while I’ve known about “Indigo Children” for quite some time, it was not something I looked into.

For some reason, I’ve been thinking about the topic lately.

I come from a very normal family. Very. Normal. And I’ve always been the black sheep — I used to joke that I was adopted. I periodically and quite seriously wonder where I came from, because I’m not like the rest of my family at all.

So maybe there’s actually something to this whole “indigo children” idea after all.

Or maybe I just want to pretend that I’m special.

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