How to get a lot of likes on Tamagotchi

Step one: Have a unique tamagotchi.

You can easily achieve this by proposing to other unique tamagotchis in the park! Because you aren’t required to sync the app with the tamagotchi device, people will think that you’re a **** if you decline proposals.

Step two: Like others.

Anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter.

Step three: When someone likes your tama, like theirs in return

You’re allowed to give the same tama up to 10 likes a day. This means that the cool people will just keep liking each other until they’ve maxed it out.

Don’t be shy about maxing it out with others, and they’ll do the same for you.

Pro tip: If the park seems to be full of NPCs, go ahead and exit then re-enter. The more unique tamas around, the more likely you’re in the company of real people.

PS: Don’t bother with the Tama Party unless you’re in the mood for it, or you want to marry the unique visitor of the month. Otherwise, it’s very slow paced, the tamas frequently decline, and there isn’t anything that you can’t easily get on the device.

Follow these steps, and you can be a Tamagotchi Guru.

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