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A Rant About Adult Conversation

I absolutely hate the stereotype that all stay-at-home moms are desperate for adult conversation.

Since I live in Utah, I mostly get this from Mormon men who seem to be desperate to prove to me that I chose an inferior lifestyle, compared to overwhelming joy and glory that comes with being underpaid and exploited by money-grubbing companies. Honestly, if I wasn’t so shy, I’d retort with, “Has your wife stopped beating you yet?” since they’re mostly a bunch of sissies married to hyper-controlling bullies. Why else would you go out of your way to be so condescending, if not because of insecurity?


“Adult conversation” is usually excruciating, and for some bizarre reason it frequently revolves around Disney’s latest movie. Seriously. All the moms get together and immediately ask, “HaVe YoU sEeN dIsNeY’s LaTeSt MoViE?”


I hate Disney.

I think that they’re one of those money-grubbing companies that exploits nostalgia for big profit. You know who said, “This movie would be so much better as a live action remake?” No one. So why did you all run out to watch a bright blue Will Smith desperately trying to imitate Robin Williams?

Answer: Nostalgia.

But that’s not the sort of thing that I’m allowed to conversate about with “adults”, because it tends to frighten and overwhelm them.

The only acceptable response is: “iT’s ReAlLy GoOd.”

And the script is so effing boring and brain dead that I don’t want to bother. I’m not the sort that makes mouth noise for its own sake.

With kids, on the other hand, I can say, “I like yellow flowers,” and we’ll play a game of listing off every yellow flower we can think of. It’s far more interesting and entertaining than “adult conversation.”

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3 thoughts on “A Rant About Adult Conversation”

  1. One nice thing about the pandemic was not having to do school pickups and having to listen to inane mom chatter. Though it sometimes made for fun stories to tell my husband.

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  2. Great thoughts and I so do agree with you, especially with this statement: Disney -” they’re one of those money-grubbing companies that exploits nostalgia for big profit”. Disney like McDonalds seems to be one of those American concepts that seems to have overtaken God and the Church. I also believe no one should question another person’s lifestyle for a million of reasons, but one of them is that that person never walked in another person’s shoes.

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