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The internet ‘n stuff

Lately I’ve been wondering how much blogging matters.

You see, I’m old enough to remember Neopets, Gaia Online, and LiveJournal, and the internet sure as heck ain’t what it used to be.

I’m pretty convinced that certain monoliths suppress literally everyone, then select which individuals they want to become popular, and there’s nothing organic about any of it for anyone.

‘N stuff.

But don’t worry, this isn’t my “farewell forever” post. If my calculations are correct, I’ve got about 11 real live actual people who come here to read, and I’m not going to up and abandon you just because of something as silly as stats.

Actually, I’m getting tired of trying to be structured.

And if I get the impulse to post a random pun at 10:43pm, I might as well do it without explaining anything.

I’m also tired of pretending like I’m not as cynical as I am. After a certain amount of bullying and ostracism throughout my childhood, I made the conscious choice that fictional friends were considerably better than real ones — 90% of everyone will go out of their way to hurt you purely because they can.

Hell, five years ago I tried to get out and be more social with the assumption that adulthood changes how people interact with each other, and it ended up mentally fucking me up pretty badly. Conclusion: adulthood has made the bullying even worse.

And let’s face it, modern fashion trends are purely an experiment in how far people are willing to debase and humiliate themselves for the sake of fitting in. Yes I said it. If you don’t look at yourself in the morning and immediately feel good about yourself, then you should trust me when I say that *you* aren’t the problem, it’s your fucking ugly clothes. Change your style. Just do it already.


I’m gonna do what I want for awhile.

8 thoughts on “The internet ‘n stuff”

  1. Oh thank goodness! I’d be sad if you suddenly vanished. I haven’t gone out of my way to make friends and talk to people since I was probably 10, so it’s good to know I’m not missing out on anything. Most of the blogs I follow rarely deviate from their niche, which gets a little boring now and then, so I’ll be looking forward to all the randomness you have to throw at the 11 of us.

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    1. One of my deepest fears is that my experiences with socializing aren’t actually unusual, and I’m just more sensitive to negativity. Like, ‘ghosting’ in particular really gets to me, and people do that one all the time.

      Switching over to journaling is definitely going to increase the randomness factor by a lot, lol.

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      1. You’re probably right. I feel that, as more people spend more time on devices, socialization skills become more non-existent. The things people do now often boggle my mom’s mind.

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  2. I agree with your insights 100% and I was going to publish a post about it but I was certain that not many people would read it. Glad you got that off your chest because it’s literally happening to everyone. From a programming perspective, I 100% concur that organic views are the antithesis to commercialised posts which is what these platforms are pushing. First they suppress posts, then ask us to pay them to let other people look. And even then, you won’t know if those views are real.

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    1. “Selling dreams” is a very lucrative venture.

      Recently I looked at a “popular” blog with over 17,000 followers, and I realized that every post only got about 50 likes and 3 comments — which is suspiciously low engagement, imo.

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      1. That may be cause for concern. But a lot of accounts are connected to Facebook and Twitter. So that blog probably gets traffic but not WordPress logged in subscriber traffic. There are many different possible explanations. The main one being that WordPress sucks so people need to be popular on social media to get blog views.

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      2. Possibly, but social media use is also on the decline, and the blog in question provides no links to any other sites.

        WordPress was completely different several years ago. Heck, I basically just mentioned once that I enjoy non-vanilla power exchanges (different blog), and I was immediately inducted into the BDSM community and got loads of traffic from that, lol. That sort of thing doesn’t happen any more.

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