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Gray vs Grey

An on-going playful debate between my husband and me is whether to spell it gray or grey. I like the ‘a’ and he prefers the ‘e’.

My reason is that ‘a’ looks more solid, decisive, and strong, while the ‘e’ is more timid and weak. Mind you, ‘e’ is actually my favorite vowel, I just don’t think it works in this particular case. My husband’s argument in favor of the ‘e’ is that he has no aesthetic sense in regards to letters or spelling (ha ha, just kidding. I love you).

In my mind, this is gray:

And this is grey:

I prefer the former.

And yes, I know, we’re pretty weird.

2 thoughts on “Gray vs Grey”

  1. I prefer the “a” as well. When it comes to spelling and grammar, I’m stronger than my husband, so, when I tell him which way is right, he always goes along with me.


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