About Me

All right, I’ve been in a mood lately.

I can’t help but feel that time is running out, and there’s some large scale comeuppance in the works.

Could be anxiety, or even wishful thinking.

My last oracle card reading was actually extremely positive. As in, “You’ve been biting your tongue for awhile, but now is the time to co-create with the Universe!”

And the dark part of me mumbles, “You always say ‘co-create’. It doesn’t mean anything.”

But the description for one card explicitly named another card in the spread, so there was definitely some magic afoot.

You know, I used to never be skeptical. My husband and I survived 2011 on a mixture of miracles and penny fumes, and you’d think after that I’d never question anything again. Unfortunately, the human spirit is prone to fear and doubt, especially when things have been good for awhile.

But who knows.

I just can’t stop the feeling that time is running out, and it’s becoming enormously distracting and agitating.

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