About Me

Creative Self Promotion

When you’re a creative sort, the number one advice is always, “Use social media to promote yourself.”

I don’t.

(I have nothing good to say about social media, so it would be rather hypocritical.)

This blog is the closest that I get to that sort of thing, and instead of trying to encourage any sort of ‘community’, I’m content to post my musings to the void. Lurk as much as you want — it’s fine by me. Personally, I miss the days when I could sit down in a private corner and read something entirely for myself without having to taint it with everyone else’s opinions, so I like to imagine that I’m recreating that here. Feel free to not leave any likes or comments. You don’t have to share if you don’t want to. What you experience when you read my blog and stories belongs 100% to you.

Note: If you are interested in helping me build a community, then join us over on Discord! We can chat in a more intimate setting, free from the pressure of garnering ‘likes’ or looking cool. Not to mention, I share my plans for my stories over there before posting anything about them here, so you, too, can be among the first to know.

Of course, I can’t be too well kept of a secret, because then I might as well stuff everything in a drawer for all the good it does. Writing is my form on self-expression, and I have some idealistic notions about being a positive influence on the world. I know, I know, but my north node* is in Pisces, so I can’t help it.

So, the question of how to reach people is always on my mind.

I’m trying to be creative about it, especially because I have a very rich real life that demands an enormous amount of time.

I’m still very much figuring out what I’m doing — because it’s very much my own thing. I’m not going to get myself into something that’s going to end up sucking out my soul and destroying my creativity.

How would you do it? How would you promote yourself without using social media?


*In astrology, your north node is your overall life purpose/goals. In this context, Pisces represents empathy and healing.

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