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Personal Update

I’ve started a couple of different blog posts, then decided that I didn’t want to share that much personal info. Indecisive LAWL!

Halloween was better than I expected. We made donuts, carved pumpkins, then put on costumes and went trick-or-treating. Honestly, I expected that we’d simply wander around an empty neighborhood before retreating home, but a good number of our neighbors came up with really creative ways for kids to “social distance” and still trick-or-treat. It was a huge relief, and they got to pig out on their haul after all.

Now it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Normally I’m excited about these holidays, but not this year FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

I confess that I really miss making quick trips to the grocery store like it’s no big deal. The bright side is that I’m not indulging my sweet tooth with candy anymore, but damn I miss back when mundane errands were mundane.

I guess that some of that personal stuff that I’m not so sure about sharing is that I’m just getting so tired and I want my life back already. I want to bake sweet potatoes and celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom. I want to put together Christmas surprises for my family. I want to buy way too many snacks for New Years without worrying about other people in the grocery store.

Yep, totally whining.

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