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I marked today on my calendar for personal reasons, knowing full well that nothing memorable was going to happen. Still, it had to be done.

Yesterday, another appliance died.

I’m in territory where I can’t just do a google search and find the answers. One of my biggest gripes about modern paganism is that all the sharp edges have been taken off — there’s no such thing as a bad omen anymore.

But in the real world, buildings burn, people die, fortunes are lost, love is broken, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

We’ve had four appliances die this year. Numerous signs revolving around blood. Both of my horse shoes fell from their door frames (where they had sat for a few years). All of my bundles of sage somehow ended up disintegrating where they were hung to dry. If you ask me, it all adds up to a boatload of shit speeding towards us from the horizon.

Last night I dreamed about a raven, but I highly doubt that it symbolizes getting a job interview.

For now, I make it through today, and the reason why I marked it as special.

5 thoughts on “Omens”

  1. I was saying this thing about horizons to a friend earlier. He’s been losing boatloads of cash and then his ex appeared. I tried to tell him that he’s being asked to focus on one aspect – 🤍 or 💵 and he sent me a 😂 response. Then I switched to physics/psychology and said his biases were crippling his decision making. Still not penetrating. Not everyone gets that.


      1. I told him that he had some subconscious beliefs that were causing him to make bad decisions about money. The fact that he completely dismissed what I was saying was confirmation. Blamed everyone. Said he was being targeted. Emotional thinking, not self-reflective, impatient. That’s how he lost the money. The bad relationship was coming back because energetically, he was equivalent to it.

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