Alice and the Warden, Stories

AatW – 45

Damon sat on the edge of his cot, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees as he watched the hallway through the bars of his cell. The occasional guard passed by, made eye contact, then moved on. He hated to monotony of iron bars and gray stone walls, his orange jumpsuit, and the crushing boredom that defined every moment.

What he really wanted was a good fuck, but there weren’t any women around. Or waiting for him on the outside, for that matter.

He had found a couple of girls to play with over the last several months, but neither of them had held his interest the way Alice had. He had drifted back to the city he had left her in and stopped in front of the motel, knowing full well that there would be no trace of her after three-quarters of a year had passed. He had then tapped his contact in the area, and had gotten picked up two hours later for selling drugs to an undercover police officer.

His nostalgia had thrown him out of sorts. He should have recognized a narc when he saw one.

They threw the book at him, and he was sent to prison for holding before his case was officially tried before the judge – he had a history of skipping bail, and the system had gotten wise to it.

Then he had found Alice in the place he had least expected, sitting in a car with a baby in the backseat. It didn’t take a genius to put all the pieces together, but the sensation that had washed over him when he had seen that small form had left him numb and preoccupied.

Sitting alone in his cell, he found that he missed the way that Alice could massage the soreness out of his shoulders, and the meticulous way she combed his hair for him. Of course it would be her who had carried a piece of him and given it life. It was fitting.

It didn’t matter if she was fucking the warden. The moment Damon got out of prison, he was going to reclaim her.

He watched with an impassive gaze as a guard approached his cell, banged on the bars, then announced, “Your lawyer wants to talk to you.”

“Tell the dickhead that I don’t want to see him,” Damon replied, swinging around to lie down on his cot and stare up at the ceiling instead.

“We’re not giving you the choice. Come on, stand next to the bars.”

Fine. Damon complied, mainly to give himself something to do. The guard reached through to put handcuffs on him, the opened up the door and grabbed his arm to pull him down the corridor. After a few minutes they reached the small rooms designated for private visits, and the guard ushered Damon inside.

He stopped short in the doorway, staring at the blonde woman who rose from her chair.

“Hello, Mr. Rake,” she said briskly, motioning for him to sit down on the other side of the table. “I’m Ms. Grainey.”

“You aren’t my lawyer,” he said.

“I am now.” She gave him a cold smile. “You see, when I heard about your case, I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to correct a grave injustice. Go on and sit down so we can discuss this.”

Damon crossed the room in two strides and sat casually in the chair, placing his elbows on the table. He studied his new lawyer, taking in the highlights in her hair, the oval shape of her glasses, and the way she had left the top button of her blouse undone. He smiled.

“You’ve filed charges against the warden for use of excessive force. I have to be frank with you: under normal circumstances this wouldn’t get very far. It’s well documented that you injured a guard, damaged a personal car, and were acting threatening towards a young woman when the warden subdued you.”

“But?” Damon prodded, sliding his foot forward under the table until he brushed Grainey’s shoe, to test her reaction. She paused and shifted slightly.

“The woman in the car was one Miss Alice Leigh, correct?”

The sound of the lawyer’s voice was getting on his nerves. She was too posh, making all of the stereotypical assumptions about him being an idiot criminal – as if he didn’t already know that his behavior had been out of bounds that night. “Listen, Grainey, I ain’t stupid.” He leaned forward and jabbed his finger against the table top. “I already know that Alice and the warden are involved together on a personal level, and that he obviously wants to fuck her. I wouldn’t have bothered filing charges otherwise.”

She raised her eyebrows and adjusted her glasses. “It goes a bit deeper than that, I’m afraid. The two of them are married.”

“Married?” Damon frowned. “Well fuck, I guess it’s true that women lose their minds when they get knocked up.” He mulled the news over, his fingers twitching.

Grainey chortled slightly, then coughed to cover it up. “The ceremony was performed the very same day that Warden Hackett attacked you. Now, I believe that I can prove that he recognized you, and took advantage of the fact that you were in handcuffs to inflict bodily harm out of jealousy, given your prior relationship with his new wife.”

Damon wasn’t listening anymore. It was one thing for Alice to pick up a sugar daddy, but … “He really is planning on raising my bastard for me,” he mused to himself. If Alice was married, then it was going to be a lot harder for him to reclaim her, if not impossible. That old warden might be a fundamental white knight, but he had a cunning streak that Damon had not accounted for, and had lied about the nature of his relationship with Alice on the day that they had spoken. It was after he had refused her seduction all those months ago that Alice had started acting weird, too … Had the warden been playing the long game? For his little slut and illegitimate child?

“I’m sorry?” Grainey was watching him, unconsciously touching her lips with her thumb. Damon let his eyes linger on the undone button of her blouse, wondering how this lawyer factored in, and how easy it would be to gain influence over her. He didn’t buy it for a second that she cared about ‘justice’ or anything like that, so he made a mental note to dig until he found her real motivation. Before then, however, he had to win her over completely.

“Well, you see, Ms. Grainey.” Damon paused to scratch his temple, then ran his hand through his hair. Underneath the table, he touched his foot to hers again, then slid it away with satisfaction when she remained where she was. “Not only is that warden out for my safety, he’s conspiring to keep my kid away from me as well. It’s bad enough that he’s taken my girl, but now he’s denying me the chance to be a father. All I want is to know my own child, and I need help to turn my life around so I can be a good role model. Alice kept it hidden from me and ran away, so I didn’t even know about the kid until the night the warden attacked me; that’s why I was so upset, you see.”

Grainey’s eyes began to gleam. “I can get you all the help you need. First, lets get you out of here, Mr. Rake.”

“Call me Damon,” he said with a smile as he reached over to rest his hand on top of hers. “If you can come through for me, you’ll be my saving angel, Ms. Grainey.”

“Miranda, if you will.”

She smiled in return.


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