Alice and the Warden, Stories

AatW – 40

The week passed by quickly. Alice spent a lot of time in the kitchen with Kate, learning how to read recipes and cook, and soon had an assortment of cookies to unabashedly munch on. Gertie also stopped by every day, and the three of them would sit together with their yarn until Hackett came home from work in the evening, often with the two older women reminiscing while Alice soaked it all in.

Alice fell into the comfortable routine of feeding and diapering Alicia, getting her snuggled into her crib, then cuddling against Hackett as he read their new book out loud to her. She enjoyed interrupting him to blurt out her thoughts, and they often became so engrossed in their ensuing conversation that they would forget to resume reading until the next night.

Mornings were still difficult. Alice had to drag herself out of bed to eat breakfast, then would go back to sleep after Hackett had left for work, usually with Alicia against her breast. It was often close to noon before she felt ready to be up for the day, and while she wondered how Kate passed the hours alone, she was too shy to ask.

All too soon, it was time for Kate to return home. Alice couldn’t stop the tears that streamed down her cheeks as she hugged her goodbye in the airport, and in return Kate promised to plan a much longer visit over the upcoming holidays. Then Hackett gave her a hug with the words, “Goodbye, mom,” and she was off to board her plane.

Alice and Hackett remained quiet during the entire drive home. Unlike before, the sky was a clear deep blue, and the sunlight brightly illuminated the autumn leaves as the road traced back through the town and the forest that surrounded Hackett’s little neighborhood. When he parked in the driveway and turned off the car, Alice looked up at his house and softly said, “You know, this is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place since I was sixteen. Not counting prison, of course.”

Hackett reached over to hold her hand. “How do you feel about growing old here?”

“I think that I should like it.” Alice interlocked her fingers with his then leaned to rest her head against his shoulder. “It feels like Alicia and I have always belonged here with you. It’s hard to believe that I ever existed without you – both of you.”

Hackett kissed her hair, and they sat together for a few minutes until Alicia stirred and let out a cry from the backseat. Then, once they retrieved the baby from her carseat, they went inside to pass the rest of the day snuggled together on the couch with a movie.

That night passed like usual, with Alicia asleep in her crib as Hackett read to Alice out loud, but she didn’t have any thoughts to share this time. They finished the chapter quickly, then turned out the lights and settled into bed. Hackett was lying on his side with his back turned toward her, and Alice found herself staring at it as a feeling of agitation rose inside of her and made her want to toss and turn. A single thought plagued her mind and kept her fidgeting, and she knew that it would not allow her to fall asleep any time soon.

But she was too scared to act on it, for fear of how Hackett would respond. He had turned her down often enough to make her insecure, and his back seemed like a wall. Alice closed her eyes and counted the pounding beats of her heart, then whispered into the dark, “Basil, I want you to fuck me.”

Immediately, she felt that she had made a mistake in nervously reverting to her old way of speaking as Hackett turned towards her, and she stumbled over her words as she said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be coarse–”

Hackett’s hand pressed over her mouth and stopped her, and he whispered in a low voice, “I’ll fuck you.”

This fantasy sequence is too good to share!

I wrote the scene, but I’ve decided to save it for the final version.

Hackett slumped down onto the bed next to her, despite the way Alice clung to his hips with her legs and pleaded for more in a small voice, so she resignedly settled herself against him with her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes to focus on the tingles that danced through her. His fingers continued to brush her arm, until his voice rumbled deep inside his chest,

“You broke your promise to me, Alice.”

“What?” Alice lifted herself up to stare at him with wide eyes, her heart skipping a beat.

“You swore that you were never going to have sex again.”

For a moment, Alice was stunned. Then she grabbed a pillow to shove in Hackett’s face as she exclaimed, “I had no idea it would be with you when I said that!”


After a few minutes of heavy breathing, Alice spoke softly, “You know, I was kind of afraid that you didn’t want to have sex with me at all. You seemed so distant about it.”

He chuckled quietly, then assured her, “I didn’t want to push you and scare you. It drove me crazy to have you in my bed and not touch you.”

She yawned, then said, “I’ve thought about it a lot ever since we were married. I even got really upset at you for not taking advantage of me after I had given you every cue I could think of. I thought that you were being too restrained.”

“I wasn’t certain if you were being genuine, or acting in a way that you had been programmed to.” He gave her a small squeeze. “It was not an area that I dared start off on the wrong foot.”

Alice closed her eyes and let her muscles relax, listening to Hackett’s steady heartbeat inside his chest. “Hm? Programmed?” she asked drowsily.

“Never mind.” He kissed the top of her head. “Goodnight, Mrs. Alice Hackett.”

“Goodnight,” Alice murmured, and together they fell fast asleep.


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